About Everyone - OFFSURE
With just two employees, OFFSURE's founder Jason Rechenberg launched the business in 2017 and offered IT and finance services. From 2 to 5 to 14 to 25 to 30 personnel, and so forth, the company grew. We provide businesses with more than just a helping hand; we provide them with a team with as many helping hands as they require. The company is made up of brilliant minds from Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Philippines and we are just getting started.
OFFSURE’s foundation is its strong offshoring team made up of amazing employees active in different professions like accounting, graphic design, finance specialist, full stack developer, senior network engineer, and more. OFFSURE practices an extensive recruitment process to find the right people to take on challenging but rewarding job opportunities. That is why OFFSURE is all about building the people and the business together.
You can be part of OFFSURE too - client or employee. As a client, we’ll help you source the best talent available and ensure they hit the ground sprinting. For job seekers, OFFSURE is here to provide the stage for you, show them what you got.

OFFSURE is ready, are you?