FAQ - Offsure
Essential info you should know about OFFSURE’s solutions.
What costs should I expect?
     There is a one-off fee of $1,000 for recruitment and onboarding per employee. When we secure the best people for your business Desk Costs range from $1,200 to $2,250 per month, per employee, depending on the role and level. 
This monthly payment covers:
  • Salary
  • Management fee
  • Office supervision
  • Mandatory Employee Benefits
  • Tax payment
  • Office resources and utilities
  • Internet services
Do I need to worry about hidden fees?
     Additional fees and hidden costs can be red flags in the outsourcing industry - with OFFSURE, what you see is what you get. Our fee structure is simple and consistent.
How do I get started?
     Connect with OFFSURE’s Director, Jason Rechenberg and an online Zoom meeting will be scheduled to suit you. This meeting is the opportunity to talk about your business, the daily operations, the issues you're facing, your employees, your goals and of course, the talent solutions and resources you need. Share it all - the more info the better.
How efficient is OFFSURE's recruitment?
     Using everything we’ve learnt from you and your business - our recruitment team will source the best candidates for the job both externally and from our existing talent database. Applicants are greeted with a skills test and an initial interview relevant to the role advertised. Once a short-list is finalised we introduce you to the candidate interviews - together, we will assess qualifications and fit to your requirements and then choose the best applicant to take on the job.
Can I talk to my team on a daily basis?
     Yes you can - OFFSURE has a purpose-built conference Zoom room with two flat screens enabling clients to schedule meetings and communicate seamlessly with their team. For urgent or emergency calls, Skype is installed on all computers for online messaging, voice and video calls. If you have additional communication software requirements for your team, talk to us.
Who supervises the teams?
     OFFSURE’s HR and Recruitment team manage and oversee all employees every day, actively observing and implementing company rules and regulations and promoting consistency of workflow in the office. We want to ensure teams in the OFFSURE space are comfortable, productive and engaged through their work days.
Where will our team be based?
     The OFFSURE teams are based in Philexcel Business Park along Clark Freeport Zone in the Philippines.
How will OFFSURE affect my bottom line?
     Up to 70% on your traditional, locally-based staffing costs. But that is not all, our office location also provides potential savings on internet services, office space, technology and office management etc.
Why is the Philippines a great option to offshore business operations?
     The workforce of the Philippines is made up of brilliant, competitive and efficient employees engaged in various industries. The Philippines is truly a powerhouse not only in Southeast Asia, but throughout the world when it comes to offshore outsourcing.
Does everyone speak English?
     When it comes to fluency and comprehension of the English language the Philippines rate very highly. Through the recruitment process we confirm that all employees can communicate well utilising the English language. A vital element to us is it’s not about developing a forced accent, our focus remains on enunciation and ensuring the message sent is well received.