Try Before You Buy - Offsure

We want you to feel confident with your move to outsource your creative staff. But how will you know the fit is right for you? We thought about it and we want you to "Try Before You Buy”.

We’ve created an eight-week package to give you a taste of what you can achieve with our full creative team at your fingertips. Our inhouse senior team consists of a Graphic Designer and Web Developer, a Copywriter/Content Writer and Social Media Manager.

Our Creative Director based in New Zealand, will guide you through the process and will be your point of contact throughout the duration of your TBYB experience. Working with you to outline your project requirements for eight-weeks based on approx. 10 hours production per week. Your goals - our team - let's make this work TOGETHER.


Full Creative Team = $3,000
10 hours per week for 8 weeks

Your $1,000 Recruitment fee will be waived should you proceed with OFFSURE following the TBYB experience.